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2013 AAVS Scholarships for the top five Kampenh Chass PS Sihanoukville, Cambodia G6 Honor Roll graduates were awarded on July 29, 2013. In October, they will be enrolled at Somdech Eu Secondary School. See more photos at

Our Super Typhoon Haiyan Relief Trip to Bantayan Island, Cebu, Phillipines.

Sunday, November 17, 2013 - After Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda), most of the media coverage was Tacloban City in the Leyete Island. However, there were many other islands affected and in those islands, relief effort was minimal . And people lost everything as well. I joined up with 12 local people which included 10 nurses (5 male/5 female) who wanted to help the displaced people in Bantayan Island which is about 140KM from Cebu City. We left at midnight and arrived at a ferry terminal in Hagnaya at 3:30AM. Everything was dark there as the Super Typhoon Haiyan knocked out all the electrical grids as well as damaging houses. We had to get there early as not to miss the ferry. Even though we had reservation for 5:00AM ferry, there are limited spaces and limited number of ferries going to Bantayan and with the increased traffic due to relief operations, we could not leave until 7:30AM. It was rather hectic as there are no lights and people had only flashlights including reservation workers. Never mind using computers. Even in a normal situation, things do not move quickly here as it is all done manually with paper and pencil. In addition to what they received donation from various people, we donated 300KG of rice which would feed another 300 families.

Once arrived at the Santa Fee Terminal on Bantayan Island after two hour car ferry ride, we talked to the relief coordinators (there were only two) for the 10 Santa Fee Barangays (villages) with a total population of 20,270. As we brought 1,100 family packs which consists of 1KG of rice, two sardine cans which can be opened by spoon, two pork & beans packs, bottled water and biscuit, we chose Pooc Village and Baliobid Village, both previously arranged) to distribute our goods. We wanted to insure that families receive what we brought thus we had to distribute them ourselves directly to the families. Otherwise, things do happen to disappear quickly…

Arriving at Pooc, the village officials had lined up families for food distribution. Since it is hot and humid and the temperature was about 32C, we had to setup the tent first and the distribution tables and medical table. It has fortunate that there are 10 nurses amongst us thus in addition to food, we provided light medical service. The registration was handled by three village officials who wrote down recipients’ names and signed by them. After that, they received a signed numerical coupons which they brought to our distribution desk. The we, marked the coupon and marked their finger nail with a non-erasable ink (to make sure they did not line up again) and then handed them relief goods. But since there were so many families, it was rather chaotic. Registration was slow but everyone worked hard and we managed to distribute food packs to 660 families which took over 2.5 hours. After that, nurses cooked rice dessert for the children and rice porridge for adults in large bats and fed them. We managed to provide relief packs to 660 families. After packing up, the next stop was Bliobid Village about 7 km away. There, village officials already had the tents up at the registration desk thus we were able to set up a distribution desk quickly with help from local men to transport food sack to the distribution area. Medial desk were also manned by two nurses. Here, we were more efficient and we were able to distribute 460 family packs in one hour! After that, as with Pooc Village, nurses cooked rice dessert with chocolate and coconut oil to the children and adults

On the way back to the ferry terminal in Santa Fe, since we had left over boxes of bottled water and rice porridge, we stopped by on the side of the road where there seemed to be many people. We did not want to take them back as it better to leave it with needy people. A big mistake as when we started given out the goods from our truck, many people rushed up to the truck to get water that we were swarmed. Many small children were being pushed towards the truck tire. Finally, largest two male nurses got out and tried to control the crowd. This helped a bit but still it was like a mob scenen. We learned out lesion here. The need to work with village officials …. Always. I was very impressed with these Philippine people who wanted to help their people in need. They are all in their 20’s. My hats off to them. I plan to go back to Pooc Village in Jaunary to assist Pooc Elementary School.

In Cambodia, we started supporting Kanpenh Chass Primary School in Sihanoukville Province in March, 2012. Sihanoukville is 230km from Phnom Penh, its capital. We also provided five scholarships to last year's top five graduating grade six honor roll students from Kampenh Chass Primary School who continue to go to local public secondary school (high school). The scholarship provides school uniforms and supplies purchased by us given directly to the students. No money is exchanged.

Kanpenh Chass Primary School, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

October 1, 2013 - At the Kampenh Chass Primary School (Sihanoukville) opening, we provided special school bags to returning top 5 honor roll students from each class Kinder to Grade 5 and school supplies consisting of writing pads, pencils, pens, erasers, sharpeners, rulers and plastic bags to all the students. David and Wanna from Coolabah Hotel came to help.

Samdech Eu Secondary School, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

September 28, 2013 - We went shopping with the last year's five Kampenh Chass Primary School's graduating G6 HR scholarship students to get fittings for their school uniforms, purchased gym shoes, school shoes and gym top/shorts which they are modeling with their new school bags with necessary supplies for them to start their Secondary one school next Tuesday. After all the shopping and lunch, they came back to school to stuff the school supplies for the 170 students for next Tuesday's primary school opening. Activities were attended by two school teachers shown and David, who helped organize the activities. Without David, we could not make this possible. Thanks David!

Kanpenh Chass Primary School, Sihanoukville, Cambodia

July 29, 2013 - On the last day of the school year, we raffled seven bicycles to each of the kindergarten to Grade 6 top five honor roll students. There were seven happy campers that day! Hopefully, many students will try to qualify for the bicycle raffle by trying to make it to the top five honor roll in thier class next year.


Tuble ES, Moalboal, Cebu Island, Philippines

In the Philippines, we are supporting Tuble Elementary School in Moalboal, Cebu. Moalboal is approximately 110km from Cebu City on the Southwest side of Cebu Island, a mecca for divers and snorkelers in crystal clear water on a beachside town not yet spoiled by onslaught of tourists. At Moalboal, needy families truly believe the importance of education for their children. In January, 2012, we provided 300 pencils, 300 pens, 300 erasers, 300 pencil sharpeners and 300 rulers to be used by the students. For the new school year beginning in June, we provided all the 323 students school supplies and special school bags for last year's Grade 1 - 5 honor roll students. Also, we had a raffle for last year's Grade 1 & 2 honor roll students. One honor roll students from last year's Grade 1 & 2 received a BMX bicycle each. In addition, we set up Tuble school's first Internet access with a laptop and a SmartBro (no telephone, cable nor ADSL access is available there)! In August, we provided additonal 1,050 writing pads. In 2013, we also provided five scholarships to last year's top five graduating grade six honor roll students from Tuble Elementary School who continue to go to local public high school

Tuble Elementary School, Moalboal, Cebu

August 24, 2013 - We had two consequtive weekend Computer Camps at Tuble Elemenary School to teach computer programming. Four 1.5 hour session each day attended by top 5 Honor Roll students from each grade for a total of 35 students including last year's five graduates. Teacher's session was also conducted beforehand. 98% of the students never used computers before but by the 3rd session, they were quite adapt at using mouse and could create characters, color them, make it dance, and with the music as well, even the first graders who did not understand English well! It showed that given opportunity, many students can have a better and brighter future.

Tuble Elementary School, Moalboal, Cebu

March 20, 2013 - On the last day of the school year, we raffled seven bicycles to each of the kindergarten to Grade 6 top five honor roll students. There were seven happy campers that day! Hopefully, many students will try to qualify for the bicycle raffle by trying to make it to the top five honor roll in thier class next year. The exciting thing was that all the five top honor roll students has an equal chance to win the bicycle. For all the winners, it was their first bike.

Ban Mahachai School, Issan, Thailand

When we first started in 2007, our first project was a village school in Northeast Thailand called Ban Mahachai School in the rice farming village of Mahachai, Surin Province, Issan, 470km from Bangkok and 35km from the Cambodian border to the south. The village school had 95 students. Since the local government provided only a small amount of lunch money, we matched 100% of what the school gets from the government to provide additional dish or fruits for nutrition for the children. We also provided 760 writing notebooks and the school’s first playground equipment, a climbing frame.

Swansiri School, Nakon Nayok, Thailand

In 2009, we moved closer to Bangkok to a school called Swansiri, 90km from Bangkok which took about 2.5 hours to get there. There, we provided additional lunch money for the students including kidergarden children who do not receive any lunch stipend from the local government, similar to Ban Mahachai School in Surin.

In 2011, we moved to Cambodia and to the Philippines as we gained more experience and also felt comfortable enough to go there and provide assistance as those countries' children have greater need. Often times, it is challenging to make sure that the children receive 100% of the benefits of the donation. We find that the only way to insure this is to do it ourselves and with a help of a local person whenever possible.

Please join us and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you very much for your interest.

2013 AAVS Scholarships for the top five Tuble ES G6 Honor Roll graduates were awarded on March 20, 2013. Now, they are all enrolled at the Moalboal National High School, Cebu, Philippines. See more photos at

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